I have a jato 2.5 that I am looking to make crack the 100mph mark. I just got it I need electronics and radio system. engine dose run, I was told 5 gallons of fuel has run through it.

I need Help, don't know much about the jato. I had a nitro rustler with 3.3 and it was clocked at 63mph.
1. Is there a difference in the 2.5 and 3.3 besides the engine?
2. Will the 3.3 push the jato to 100 or do I have to has another engine?
3. what gearing setup should I use?
4. what exhaust system, air filter, tires should I use?

I will do research over the next month as I get money together. I will start the build in the spring when I am able to test different setups.

All input need will be appreciated.