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    Tqi receiver in large scale use.

    Will a trx receiver hadle the large dual servo setups used in 1/5 buggies and trucks? I know there is a 2nd ch 1 out for that, but is there any current limitations to watch for? Never done large scale but nitro at $30 a gallon to $4 for gas is a big deal.

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    I am curious as to how many amps the Rx is capable of withstanding as well. I have asked a few times to different Traxxas employees and have not gotten a response.

    Besides the size, as long as they are not crawlers I imagine they are not going to pull that much more than the "1/10th" scale 1/8th size Traxxas RC's.

    If it is that big of a concern, power the servos with a separate BEC and bypass the Rx all together.
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    Shouldn't be a problem, the + and - pins on each channel are joined together like a bridge, if you have doubts, just add a piece of wire from the very first channel to the fifth on both + and - pins, and add solder to each of them... I'll post a picture tonight...
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