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    Novak Diablo 550 Brushless System

    Might be searching wrong as can't find out about the Novak, Does anyone use this, What is it like, speed with 2x2C lipo. any oppions?

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    I put this system in my sons truck. I think the kv rating is too high. Top speed is pretty good even though it needs to be geared quite low. It doesn't have the bottom end punch that I wanted, so I installed it in his truck as an upgrade to the stock 550's. The esc is physically small with very small set button, but it is easy to program. Has built in temp monitoring system as well. Its sensored so its smooth but seems better suited to maybe a Slash or something lighter than an E-Revo. He's only ten, so the increase in power in significant for him, but when he uses my 2000kv brushless setup he really notices the difference. It is more difficult to control the attitude of the truck when jumping because of the lack of punch with the Diablo. This is with the lauch control feature off. With it on....way too flat for a truck of this size.

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    I blew up my last Novak system. It was a HV Pro with a 550 motor. It was also in my e revo. 550 motors are too small for an e revo is running a single and if you want to run dual, why not just spend less and get a 1/8 motor setup.

    I believe all Novak brushless are sensored as well.
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