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You just got me thinking about paying my car off and buying our home finally. Looking forward to paying a mortgage for 30yrs lol.

To OP glad you got to order lipos at least and have use for the nimh packs your getting.
Go for the 15 year mortgage if you can swing it. The monthly payment is no where near double to pay it off in half the time. Ive paid off two houses like this and my mothly payment was only 20% more for 15 years than the 30 year plan. Another trick to pay it off early is get an amortization schedule and pay off as many payments as you can on the early end. Amortization schedule shows the principle and interest of every payment. Make payment 1, pay principle on payment two before it is due then when payment 2 is due make payment 3 then principle on payment 4 and so on. Totally legal and it really saves money for the mortage companies where you are paying mostly interest on the front end.