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    Does anyone do computer cleanup?

    Ill start out by saying im 15 and have been lurking this forum for quite a bit. Today i decided to make an account to join you guys. I also have a love with computers. My main question is does anyone do computer cleanup? I am pretty good with computers, ive built my own desktop im also okay with software stuff. I was going to try to start a small cleanup business but im kind of torn on what i would have to do to make it run faster. I was thinking something along the lines of disk defragment, disk cleanup, other cheap or free programs that can really help? Maybe add a bit of RAM or upgrade the hard drive? i guess im really just looking for some help so i can get a couple more bucks for my rc addiction lol!
    Thanks ahead of time.

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    I'm not a computer expert but I would say an actual physical cleaning goes a long way. Blowing dust out of fan(s) ect...

    I would also do some virus/malware scans. The (free) program CCleaner also works good at cleaning a PC

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    ive heard about that while doing reasearch. Im just not sure. We have a couple year old laptop buried somewhere downstairs so im going to have to dig it out and use it as a test to see where my skills can get me.

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    I'm a computer tech when school isn't going. During the school year I'm a mechanical engineering student going for a computer software associates with hardware and electrical engineering experience.

    As far as clean up, physical clean up goes a long way. Stock windows defrag and clean up work well. As for virus removal, malwarebytes and tdss killer are usually sufficient. Microsoft security essentials for anti virus. Use combofix if nothing else works but don't use it all the time. It's too powerful for its own good.

    A google search is probably beat as every problem is different.

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