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    Help with my 2s lipo 7600mah traxxas batteries

    good morning,
    i am new in this. i have a many questions please help me.
    i have a 2 2S LiPo 7600mah batteries and i want to know what i will do to recharge this batteries? im so confused with the balance, storage, discharger, charger. i dont know how to do for my batteries are ok forever.
    which are the correct procedures for my batteries are ok?

    sorry for my english, but, i dont know speak english!

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    Hey quere66

    When charging lipos all the cells need to be balanced. That means all cells inside a lipo need to be at approx. 4.2v per cell.
    For your 2 2s lipos there are 2 cells inside that are at 4.2 volts when fully charged.
    for 7600mah bateries its proper to charge them at 7.6 amps (for the whole battery).
    You will need a Lipo charger that balances them.
    so in your charger you will need to select what amps to charge at or the capacity.
    Plug in your balance plug(little white plug with three wires. Also plug in your main lead if your charger needs it.
    Once all is plugged in make sure your capacity/amp settings are at the right selection that press start.

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    thanks for your answer E-slamnit.!!

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