Finally cleared off my workbench so I can get to this build thread. Life of this actually started out as an original tmaxx from back in the day! Got out of the hobby and was reintroduced to lipo and brushless power by a fellow rc drifter.

So the story goes. Tried to do a tmaxx conversion, but I didn't like how it moved. Started doing some research and decided to build an emaxx from scratch.

FLM chassis and braces
FLM towers
RPM tru track rear with traxxas rings for pillow mounts
RPM front arms
Traxxas cvds
Hardcore titanium skids
Proline bumpers
Integy single wheel wheelie bar
Steering is a double stock emaxx servo saver
Diffs are stock emaxx

This is all been run on a 2650 kv motor and 150a esc. JR servo and on 4s. I tried 6s with the Revo and where I bash 4s is more than enough.

If I missed anything just ask. So on for pics.

I was trying to figure out which wheels to use.

I think I got it.

Will update as I broke it down to clean it and decided to change up parts. I'm also have an revo 3.3 thats BL now. A slash that I'm making an MT.