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    How much would LED lights cost for the slash 4X4 and is there any lights for rpm bumpers.

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    Yes RPM makes front and rear light canisters for about $10 each. I picked up a set of 6 LED's (2 red 4 white) from integy for $20. They were 5mm lights and the holes on the RPM canisters take 3mm lights so I had to drill the holes bigger on the canisters but really wasn't that hard. It was totally worth it for $30 and they have work really well.

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    TRA6784 (stampede 4x4 light bar) fits nicely and looks like the rpm light kit.... but the traxxas one is 2 screws and plug it into the receiver... done, $10 for bright little lights, and they're protected by the rpm bumper. put this on my sons slash a month ago, and he's bashed it pretty good, lights are perfect still.

    oh, had to trim the front of the body about 1/8'' to clear the light cans..
    and if you do this just don't tighten down the two screws attaching the light housing too much.... stop when you see the plactic just starting to compress a bit

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