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    New Lipo frozen in mailbox

    I bought a new Lipo battery and wasn't expecting to receive it as soon as I did in the mail. Consequently, I left it in the mailbox overnight. Weather was down to 20 degrees. Will this have ruined my new lipo?

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    I think it will be fine. Just make sure its room temp when you charge it up. I've heard of people storing lipos in a freezer (don't know why and I don't reccomend it), but I have heard that before.

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    Jimmie Neutron posted this , Hope it helps

    3.85v/cell and in the fridge.
    I have had a speed run set that have been at storage for 6 months in there... they are still at 3.85v/cell.

    "Even when not being used, the internal components slowly corrode over time, and cool temperatures can slow down this process."

    I do not, however, charge or use my batteries while they are cold. Using LiPo's while they are cold is hard on them, so I let them warm up to room temp before I charge them for use.
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