I have 4 trucks with 3.3s 1 truck with a 2.5 and all the way back to the .15 from the very first tmaxx. (Which still runs to this day and actually run pretty good. I run these hard and often and this far have never had a motor issue. No replacing no rebuilding just good fuel good maints and the know how to tune, they last forever. Any who my point is that its so fun when I race buddies of mine with there big blocks and super hop up jobs (tend to be slower) but I just fire up any one of my 3.3s and blow them outta the water bone stock. My friend travis has a 4907 tmaxx with a blower and some funky n.O.s kinda thing.....I have no idea what it is but point is I'm watching him run looks fast sounds neat but all of a sudden he wants to race. Well I run my mouth alot about not being able to be beat with my stock traxxas trucks/cars. So he said hey big mouth 200 bucks to run my stock Max and his hop up modded out Max. I used my 4909 since its a little lighter and we lined up. Dragged it out for a best 3 outta 5...I'm 200 bucks richer lol he beat me one time and that was the very first run due to I forgot to set my wheelie bar down after that I won 3 straight. My point is these motors are great how they are don't mess with greatness lol!