Haven't been around the merv forums for awhile! Now that my slayer is my daily driver, I want a purpose for my merv Has anyone tried water skipping with a merv? This spring I want to try to skip across the local pond?..
Do I really actually need to do anything different to the suspension?
Here's my list of what I'll try to skip with-

stock esc and motor should do it with parallel 3s? i would think? Whats the biggest mah 3s lipo that will fit in the merv?
for wheels and tires- 2.2 traxxas dish with Pro-Line Rear Sand Paw 2.0 2.2 Sand Truck Tires

Then i will probably put some foam underneath the body or some air pouches or something.
Then will probably tie some fishing line to the wing and have the spool move freely (on a dowel with a friend holding it) so if merv does take a dive (and hopefully floats) we can just pull it back instead of going swimming for it. Then even if it does start to sink, we can still pull it out too

Ideas and suggestions... let em' rip!