Well after 3 weeks of waiting for it to leave the factory, multiple calls with Traxxas support, and some new parts.... I present....

Traxxas really did take care of me! The replaced 3 motors, all the blades, included a new set of spare blades, and shipped it all in a EX-Connect QR-1 Box (inside of a bigger box of course)!

In the mean time I bought some extra blades... Now I have 28 spare blades.... I think I will be selling some haha

As of right now, I got one pack through it and I instantly regained my joy for this little thing. I was getting a little skeptical about it at first but it really is fun to fly around the room. The two batteries are charing right now, so I am in the 'I wanna fly mode.' Really trying to be careful with this thing now. Now that I realize how fragile and small it is, I have a new respect for how to fly it indoors. I am in a small dorm room (4 x 10) so until the wind stops, I will be rocking Normal mode.

Can't wait for these batteries to charge up and get some more flight time. Looking forward to keeping it away from Plano, TX for a while at all cost.

Keep y'all updated on anything I do next. I bought some small felt padding for the feet. I also might try some velcro (the soft side) and see how that works.

Anyways, enjoy y'alls flying. I am right now. And another shout out to Traxxas Support. None like it