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    What Should I Use To Clean My Engine?

    I was watching a video on YouTube and the guy pored a couple of drops of after run oil in his engine and i live about an hour and a half from the nearest hobby shop so I was wondering if I could use something else instead like WD-40? And how much should I use...

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    Wd-40 works good just don't use to much.
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    WD-40 works great for short term storage. WD stands for water displacement. If you are going to store your truck longer than a week I would use after run oil.

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    I've had no issue with WD-40 preserving the engine for months on end sitting in an unheated garage (guarantee it's 20 right now). The only issue I've had with it is using too much and causing a head-ache to start.
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    Wd-40 works awesome.
    When storing the engine spray a very generous amount in there through the glow plug hole, then turn it over a few times to get it all over in there. (Watch your face it likes to spray out the top of the engine)
    Then put the engine at bottom dead center, put the plug in and you're good to store it for years.

    When you go to start it again it will be flooded, so take out the plug and get it all out.
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