I have a Traxxas T-Maxx (4910) Listed for sale, I just wanted to post here to in case someone was looking for a great deal on a (Classic) T-maxx
I listed evrything pertinant in the Listing but will add important details
New Upgraded 2055 Throttle/Brake Servo
New Upgraded 2070 Digital Steering Servo w/New Bearings installed in place of Bushings
New Fuel Tank, Lid and Fuel Lines
Recently (only 3 tanks since) Replaced all bearings in Transmission and replaced all the Axle/Wheel Bearings.
New Front Grey Bulkheads
Upgraded from 4 Alkaline batteries in Box to a Front Mounted 5 Cell Ni-MH Battery Pack
But will include teh stock 4 cell holder and Wiring in case you do not have access to a 6 Volt Charger of some sort.

Here is a link to my Listing, Unfortunately I only have the pics on the listing.
IMHO it is much safer for Buyers and myself to go through ebay then to try to sell without the safety features put in place by Ebay and Paypal, Even though it costs me more this way.