Havent even tried it yet. But ive had a pile of the other go pro versions. We use them at work and treat them as pretty much disposable. Been through a few that will never be the same again.
I was resisting buying a new 3 black edition because they arent at all cheap. But I had to give in. without even using it yet I can say it is a massive step up from the original or even the hero 2. Its size is more realistic, its noticeably lighter, buttons are all far easier to operate, screen and menus are more user friendly. The black edition has incredible specifications for its size as well. Ill have the chance to test it on a snowmobiling trip to quebec this week.

The remote is an excellent idea and design for one major reason, it has an LCD screen that mirrors the screen on the Go Pro. Ive used many cameras with simply push button remotes and the problem is that you have no indication what the camera is doing so you always feel compelled to check, which makes having the remote mostly pointless. The LCD screen not only lets you know when your recording but it tells you all the settings your using as well and, im not sure, but it would seem its possible to adjust the settings from the remote as well. Very very cool and useful feature.

I downloaded the app on my iphone as well. Havent tested that yet. The guys in my video lab have started to use it and have reported that its a little laggy and a bit buggy but if it allows me to setup and preview my shot before I record, its worth it.

Ill post up some more info about how I like this thing after I get to use it. But I have to say, at $500 taxes in with a 32gig card its not an easy pill to swallow so it better be amazing.