Hey fellas, just thought I'd put up a thread on my 2012 Green 1/10 scale Summit.

Have owned it since about October 2012 and being my first ever Summit, it's a big change from my previous cars.

Picked it up locally here in Western Australia - $850! - youch! and came with the EVX2 LVD esc and TQi 2.4ghz 4 channel transmitter and two NIMH Batteries - which I never used, went straight to two 2S 5000mah Lipos!.

Noticed from day 1 that the back squats a fair bit while accelerating and that the stock tires have a fair bit of sidewall movement. So started thinking about other wheels/tires and fixing the rear end sag with a different set of springs.

Stock photo just after arriving home:

After driving it once!, I ordered the Pro-line Mashers and Slingshot tires on the Desperado wheels from A Main Hobbies. They arrived within a week and put them on for another photo session. Decided to leave the Mashers on as they look awesome. Also got the green anodized 17mm hex's to go with the body colour.

Next I decided to finally get a different pair of rear springs - the double orange striped 5.4 rated springs seemed the best choice for me going off of what others were installing. Ordered the springs and the optional roof mounted lights - still to be fitted. Springs went in and adjusted the tension - wow what a difference!. Adjusted the fronts to suit and it drives much much better.

Has run flawlessly thus far,(touch wood), and love the kinda high pitched whistle it makes getting the ole 775 up to speed.

Have started thinking about a brushless system for it but want to get all my facts straight on what i'd need to do to strengthen the diff's to handle the extra power etc.

Waiting for my Go Pro Hero3 silver to rock up so I can get out and make some half decent videos of it running.

The slingshots in the sand should be awesome!. Still to try out! :|.

Any how... will update as things progress!.

P.S. Really impressed with a lot of the Summits in here! some awesome machines!