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    Does the CC 2650kv hold up well?

    I'm going to be putting in the castle 2650 in my summit tomorrow along with the mamba monster 2. I've ran the 2200 in my past summits but never the 2650. I will be running 4s spc lipos 2x2s. What is a good gearing to start at? 19/68? I will also be running trencher x tires as well.

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    Are you looking for speed, if so then I say yes go 19/68, if you are looking to do any slow speed stuff, then I would gear it 14/68 or lower, I am running the MMM/2200 with 14/62 gearing now and it doesn't have as bad as cogging in low gear running slow, top speed is probably 28-30, I'm running trencher x's as well, I know I could gear way up but it kills low gear, I am happy with the performance I get geared the way I am, I have plenty of torque still and in low gear I can pull the kids around on the garden wagon In low gear still. Good luck and hope all works well with the install.

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