I'm running the Traxxas 7600 mah 2s Lipo in my Summit with the LVD ESC and I'm consistently ending when it obviously is out of power and the high range gear is slow and lazy. I would think that I'm near the low voltage cut out, but when I connect to the Onyx 245, I'm always at or slightly above the target 3.75V storage voltage, or half charge. I've also purchased another brand of Lipo and I'm seeing the same exact scenario.

So, charge that Traxxas 7600 mah pack to 8.4v and I'm showing around 3800 mah put into the pack, thus backing up my thought that I'm at proper half charge when the truck becomes lethargic and unable to use high range gear.

Is this situation typical? What are you seeing as far as voltage when your Lipo is barely moving your truck? It appears I can only access about half of the Lipo packs rated mah capacity, and this holds true in both the high dollar Traxxas pack and the low dollar China pack. It sure would be nice to be able to use the rest of the pack.

In comparison: My 7.2V ni-mh packs that are rated at 4500 mah normally accept around 3800 mah from the MRC Battery Brain charger after a run to severe power loss, so they provide much more of the rated capacity to the truck.

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