OKay, so I screwed up, Jato 3.3 bounced wrong and ended up in a creek by myhouse. upsidedown. fully submerged. Needless to say, I FREAKED. Got this truck three weeks ago and love the CRAP out of it. Best RC car I've ever owned. I brought it home, cleaned out the motor, blew out as much water as I could, opened the transmitter box and blew it out and then set it all in front of a fan for a while. Came outside, reassembled. Flipped the on switch, wouldnt work. I figured for sure the transmitter was blown. Turned it off then back on again. Bam, front wheels jerk. Takes a bit but I got the motor started, ran it a bit to blow any reside out, the throttle works flawlessly, revs out like it should and apply brake no problem. The sterring however is another story. Its pegged to the left. when I turn right on the wheel it brings the wheels straight but no further. Transmitter problem or Steerring servo? What u guys think? I'm hoping that after a while itll fully dryout (I'm impatient) and itll go back to normal, but who knows. Any suggestions?