This morning started with a trip down to my local giant 2 acre never used pristine parking lot with no curbs other than
those at the perimeter and no light posts. Jato heaven. Upon arrival I discovered a county sheriff's deputy holding it down.
I drove up next to him to make sure my nitro car wouldn't be of bother. He said he didn't mind and he'd like to watch.
Blah, blah, cut to- out comes the radar gun. 58 mph!! this took a few tries to find the right throttle increase to avoid the
second gear wheely and I was only able to hold the throttle full open for 2 seconds before time to shut it down for the
quickly approaching curb.
On to the problem and resulting question.
While doing a totally rad tire smoking donut burn-out I shredded a tire and broke my left rear A-arm. How? You've got me.
So I'm searching Tower Hobby for a replacement and I see my choices are a few different aluminums and the stock or the
carbon look.
The dilemma: 1)none of the aluminum replacements come with the ball stud to attach the sway bar linkage and I'm not
sure of the ball or the stud's size. 2)maybe I need to stay with an A-arm that will brake to avoid breaking the next piece
in line since I'm only out 12 bucks minus the tire, which I knew was coming (purchased tires a week ago)

If you know the ball stud size for the Golden Horizons A-arm or have any thoughts on stock vs aluminum
I'd appreciate any help.