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Thread: Jato 3.3 help

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    Jato 3.3 help

    Hey guys I just bought a brand new jato n having problems already. I'm new to this hobby as well, anyways yesterday when I tried to break in my motor. (1st tank) I had to go full throttle to make it even move is this normal. And now when I try to start it, I have to have the ez start on and pressing the button to make it turn over if I take it off it dies. One more thing when I trie to drive my car it dies right away. I spent a lot of money n this car and already problem smh maybe easy things that can be solve but still, this shouldn't be happening
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    Have adjusted any of the needle settings whatsoever???

    If not, we need to visit. Lmk.

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    In one month I've broken in two Jato 3.3's and been witness to one Revo 3.3 break-in. The Traxxas method is impossible to complete as written.
    You must apply more than a quarter throttle to keep it running and get it to move. Give it the throttle necessary to get it rolling then cut it back to
    a quarter and gently fluctuate the trigger from nearly but not idle back to a quarter. The rich break-in setting is what is causing you to stall under
    easy small throttle input. Once you've run through 5 tanks and can begin to lean it out, you begin to see better response and less tendency to
    stall at idle or small throttle input. When you reach 180-200 degrees and are reaching an optimum tune, your troubles should cease. My cars. run
    awesome, but they have to reach 100+ temps to become responsive and idle dependably.
    I had your problem with my first Jato and called Traxxas support and they told me to follow the
    cold weather break-in procedure. No help.
    Good Luck!

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