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    revo diff for slash??

    can anyone explain the difference in the revo diff and the stock slash diff. i hear the revo diff is better but why?

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    From what I know the slash HAS a revo diff. I am a ***** and could be wrong. Sorry it was not a bad word but TRAXXAS felt it was. No offence meant.

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    There is a slight difference in th ERBE diff and the slash diff. The ERBE diff has a cross carrier support I bar that is not in the slash or the REVO. The other difference between the REVO/ERBE and the Slash is the machining on the output shafts. Its milled down more on the Slash because the outdrives are smaller. Other than that they are identical in every respect. Same seals, same cups etc. I beefed up my slash diffs using FLM cups and everything out of The ERBE gear kit except the output gears/ shafts due the difference in machining size.

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