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    Cool MITCH316 Rally build.

    Well guys, I pulled the trigger today and bought a Rally roller of eBay...I've decided to join the RALLY crew and document my build as I go along .

    I was going to build an eRevo GT but have shelved that project indefinitely for now after browsing the Rally forum over the past couple months...a rally looks like a whole lot of fun .

    There are a few good build threads on the go here...lots of valuable information gathered. Thank you to all for sharing your build threads and taking the time to document as you go along. I like building, wrenching and customising my own rigs, I thought it would give it a go with a Rally.

    I really like Humayray's Rally that is what I am going for...a Rally GT build . I have taken a bit of info from all the build threads and this is what I am going to use for my build so far.

    Aluminium shock towers front and rear.
    Aluminium steering bell crank.
    King Headz motor mount.
    Steel CVD's.
    Aluminium front C hubs and rear axle carriers.
    17mm Hubs.
    XO-1 Wheels...I bought 2 sets of fronts premounted, we'll see if they need to be taped was in use.
    PROTOform PF8-GT body.

    This should get me going with a good kick off to my build once all parts start arriving.

    I am still toying with the idea of using a Tekin RX 2000kv combo in this build...I've had this motor and ESC lying around for a few months now...or I may look at getting another MMM 2200kv combo. I plan on using MOD1 gearing...starting off with maybe 20/36.

    I plan on running mainly 4s, maybe 5s...I am still undecided at the moment.

    My other trucks I have are an eRevo, Summit and an eSlayer Pro 4x4...making the Rally build #4; I am not sure how I am going to explain this one to my wife again ...I'll figure something out.
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