Well, it's been well over a year since I have had any play time with my rigs. I finally got around to fixing my SL4SH so decided to charge a set of 3S for a change to run in my rigs. I think in the future I will run my Rally more often on 3S...I got so much enjoyment out of it this weekend and was so much more controllable. As fun as it was to run 3S in my SL4SH, I think I will continue to run it on 4S.

  • Handling - My Rig is running awesome now...a pleasure to drive - Settings still the same as before.
  • Gearing - Running 3S MOD 1 18/40 my max Temps reached 60*C yesterday with 1 battery run with a heap of drifting.

My thoughts:
  • I think running 3S for me is the sweet spot for me as the Rally was very enjoyable to drive. A load of fun with more than enough power for a few full throttle runs and leaving it as is gives me the option to run 4S every now and then.
  • I may change my gearing back to MOD 1 20/40 for 3S running as I really don't have the place to run 4S with open throttle.