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    I need new multimeter which one is the best one

    I’m looking for a new multimeter that will last me a few years and was after some advice. I like Fluke’s range and have this one in mind:

    I think it does everything I need, but just wanted to check there’s no point looking further up the range? I’m primarily going to be using it for tinkering with Arduino kits, audio amps etc.

    I was originally trying to stick to a $200 budget… Is there any point shelling out more for a high precision device just in case I need one down line?

    Fancier alternatives include:

    Fluke 177
    Fluke 87-5


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    That's a seriously nice piece of equipment! I'm sure it just boils down to more features on the "fancier" ones. Range will likely be similar across all models...never mind, I see the one goes up to 1000V AC and DC...sweet! But $400 is some serious jack for a unit like that.

    I have a cheaper one from Radio Shack, maybe $50. Suits me fine for R/C. But you know better than I what you're in need of.

    Reminds me of the time I agonized over a $200+ torque wrench. I opted for the more expensive one but use it once a year if that...oh well.
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    It all depends how often you are gonna use it, and for personal or professional use. I have an 87, very good meter. It is the one all diagnostics for auto, and heavy truck repair is based on.

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