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    Castle 3800kv or 2400kv

    Hey guys i am planning to get a slash 4x4 LCG. I dont know what motor i should use. Should i use the 2400KV castle motor or the 3800KV one. The 3800kv is shorter so i dont have to move the receiver box.

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    the MMP/2400kv just have enough room to fit in there without moving the reciever box, just have to buy the ESC mounting plate or make one yourself. i have the rally but the same chassis and it fits fine.
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    The 3800kv will give you a balance of speed and torque using 2S. The 2400kv will give you crazy torque and can you run 3S & 4S. You would not be disappointed in either of the two...coming from the stock system.

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    +1 what Bridic said.. The 3800 is awesome if your racing at a track in the open 4x4 class.. The 2400 you won't be able to use in any ROAR style racing because it only operates good on 3s-4s.. If your just bashing around and you won't cool engine temps and tons of fun the 2400 is the way to go.. Less heat because of the 550 can and tons of power on 3s and 4s... just my 2 cents..
    Whatever I just said.. I'm probably wrong..

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