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    Transport you rc car through air flight

    Has anyone transported your rc car to airline without an security issue including lipo or niMh batteries?

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    I believe Pav has...
    there was a thread here in the Alley a while back.
    Whatever it is I just typed... could be wrong.

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    Standard 2S or 3S RC lipo packs fall into the same category as standard AA or AAA batteries. They are considered "small" packs and are unregulated. You are supposed to carry them IN your carry on, NOT your checked luggage and you can carry as many as you like.

    The vehicle itself is not restricted for travel in ANY way. You can pack and travel with your RC vehicle with NO issues. I usually check mine in my luggage but I recently traveled with a small quad rotor heli in my carry on and no one even lifted an eye brow.

    when I did travel with a bunch of lipos in my carry on, I had 8 2S lipos and 4 7cell NIMH packs, the guy at security just wanted to see them... didnt have any problem with them at all, just wanted to see them and sent me on my way. he laughed at a person having that many batteries for an RC truck.

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