Ok SO I had a Duratrax Intellipeak Charger that would charge from 4-8 Cell Battery Packs and could Fast charge from 1. amp to like 5 ( do not need more the 3 amps myself), Discharge, Do repeated Charge/Discharge to Condition and fix older bats with memory etc. had 100ma slow charge and was able to use 12V from a car bat etc.
I need something that is Basically Equivelant or has teh same basic Features, I charge my 4.8 V pack, my 6 Volt Pack I run in my Nitro T-Maxx and the 7.2 V Ni-Mh and Ni-Cad Packs I have.
SO what do ya all recommend that I get to replace the Duratrax Intellipeak charger? I coudl just but another one of those but I wanted to know if there was possibly something Better but here is teh Kicker I am not able to spend more the $40 with Shipping.