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    Hibernating in my basement, trying to see just how many RC projects i can work on at one time!!

    Maxxxmasher's FLM Super-Pede build!

    I wasn't really looking to get a Stampede when I bought this truck. I basically ran across a deal on ebay. I think I got it as a roller w/servo & motor for about 40 bucks. I've had it for a few years and basically it's been my wife's truck to run (about twice a year) and I haven't done much to it. The only hop ups it has gotten are cast offs from redoing my Slash. Basically, it got all the blue RPM parts (arms, skids, bumpers, etc.) that I changed out for Pro-Trac stuff. It's still brushed and running stock wheels.

    Every other vehicle in my RC fleet is a conglomeration of hop up parts with nary a stock part to be found. I figured it was time the Pede got the attention it deserved. Most of my other builds have been done over (sometimes) years of use as I broke parts.

    This time, however, things will be bit different. I'm going to basically re-do the entire thing at one time. I already have two orders on the way, and more wish lists already built. I am going to part out a few rollers on ebay to fund some of this and keep some key parts to have on hand. This Pede will pretty much be built from scratch with (almost) all new hop up parts.

    Enough jabbering for now. Here's what this baby is going to be constructed of.....(just using stock photos for now until I get some actual parts in)

    The chassis - FLM 1/8th scale extended aluminum chassis. Have one of these for my EMaxx - awesome!

    Can't get the chassis without the extended chassis supports and aluminum skids!

    If it's going to be long, it needs to be wide, too! Such a good deal on the Pro-Trac kit from Stormer Hobbies! $43.00!!

    Of course if you get that, you gotta get the Jato ends....

    This truck is going to be all black and brushed aluminum, so I got the RPM bumper mount to match the RPM gearbox I'll be getting along with the motor guard I already have.

    Also on the way are STRC caster blocks which will be mated to RPM carriers and ProTek bearings.

    Can't forget about the bulkhead! An STRC one in black aluminum will look nice with the black Pro-Trac arms.

    Hate bending suspension pins and REALLY hate watching e-clips fly across my basement. I have a set of these STRC ones for my Slash, and they're nice.

    I was about two dollars short of qualifying for ten bucks off my Tower Hobbies order (and free shipping!), so I threw these in there two. I use these Axial Velcro straps on a lot of my trucks, and they do a nice job of securing my batteries.

    That's about it for now. I have some other funds coming in soon to pay for the rest of my build and the parts will be ordered soon. Gonna be cool. Can't wait to start building!!
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