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    Lipos exploding questions

    When do lipo batterys normally blow up? I just got my lipo bag. My chords from my charger Are not long enough to be charging with them in it. Is that still safe?

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    Some people get charge extensions...
    I personally don't use a LiPo bag at all... I choose to watch my cell health extremely closely with a cell checker. I check cell voltage before I hook it up and after I take it off from anything.

    LiPo's don't blow up under normal circumstances. They usually have to be very severely abused to do such a thing. But, to get one to blow I have seen people deliberately overcharge them, stab them with nails, shoot them with arrows, ect.
    Whatever it is I just typed... could be wrong.

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    RC LiPo battery packs do not blow up.

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    Follow manufacturers instructions. Store them in a lipo bag. Most importantly use your head and don't be STUPID and you will be fine. When I went lipo I was worried about all the horror stories. I store mine on the kitchen counter in lipo bags with out worry.

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