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    Soliciting tire thoughts

    As title implies, I am in the market for a better set of off-road tires. I have narrowed the search to the following: Proline Badlands, Proline Trencher or Proline Dirt Hawgs. All look pretty good to me. My driving conditions are normally grassy type area maybe getting into some dirt in the summer. My question to you all is, which one is better? Which ones have you used in the past and have worked well. All opinions are welcome. A little background on what type of surface you usually run on would be helpful. Thanks for the inputs.

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    badlands are pretty common for off-road. I think trenchers are a bit big for the truck, dirt hawgs are pretty good for all kind, but nottall grass.

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    I have badlands, and they have completely changed my experience with the jato. I had traxxas talons, which i will never buy again. The amount of traction and grip I got with the badlands were awsm. I can't vouch for the others because I am already sold on the badlands.

    Oh and I run in grass, dirt, and rocks. Seems to do awsm in all. btw only tires ive used are ( Badlands, talons and andaconda)

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