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    THS resonator vs Traxxas 3.3?

    I have a 2.5 TMaxx with he plastic resonator. Which would give better bang for buck over the plastic reonator, THS one or the Traxxas 3.3 tuned pipe?

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    Just search the ths that one seems like the best bet comes with everything
    Anyways in to see what others like

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    Either of those is a giant inprovement over the plastic pipe.

    They are both good pipes, I have the THS on one of my 2.5 maxxs & the Traxxas T maxx resonator on my other T maxx & both work well.

    You can get the TRX resonator for right @$25 on ebay, while your looking @$45+s&h for the THS pipe set.

    I am running both, one on each of my 2.5 trucks, I got both off ebay for a steal so I couldn't go wrong!
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    +1 to Wildman

    THS is a reliable, tried and true, proven performer for the TRX 2.5/3.3 But really anything above the plastic pipe is gonna be a huge improvement. Youre also less apt to break headers with the THS cause its spring mounted not fixed mounted with screws. The THS imo gives noticeable low/mid range torque and power and has a great sound. Its a lil louder than the stock pipe compared to the TRX resonator.

    You can also port your plastic stinger out too. Just use a drill bit 1 size bigger than the inside diameter of the stinger. Ive done this to 2 diff pipes. Its just the poormans fix but permanent so be sure thats what u want to do.
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