I am new to the hobby and would like some help without being treated like a complete idiot. I have ran my truck maybe 10 times. From the first time I ran it (2 weeks ago) until now it seems like the run time is shorter and shorter. I charge the battery (DuraTrax LiPo 11.1V 5000mAh 25C) until the 3 lights on the charger are green. I haven't over charged it. I ran it after charging it for 4hrs and the truck only ran about 10mins. I called Traxxas Tech Support and the guy I talked to on the phone was a punk. He says that 10 to 15 minutes is normal running time and that I either need to shop around for a better battery or change my driving habbits. REALLY? I was driving the truck in a big open shop just doing donuts here and there, no real high speeds, no jumps, just cruising really. I noticed that the ESC is blinking a red light? Wheels still turn but no throttle. None of the components seem to be hot. Anyone have any idea of what is going on here? I recently noticed that when I ran it lastnight and today that it seems to be louder kind of a harsh whining noise. I researched that the truck might need a slipper clutch adjustment? I mentioned the noise to the Traxxas punk on the phone and he said that I am not lubricating my bearings enough or it could be the motor mount? I mentioned the slipper clutch adjustment to him and he said 'Yea, it could be that too.' The guy was no help at all and seemed to be upset with every question I asked. Do they not do troubleshooting over the phone? I mean I'm lost here and I spent enough money on this truck and I haven't ran it hard at all. I would appreciate any help and pointers!