Hello u guys, i had my slayer pro for 3 months and is time for a new body, i trashed the original one..... You know how we do it!!! Anyways im in the market for a new one, just dont know what to get...... I have couple in mind, proline silverado, or maybe proline flo- tek. The only reason im not so convinced of the the flo is because i want a real truck brand body... And i dont know whats the flo-tek.But the one i really got to say is catching my eye is the robby gordon dakar slash edition.... I like that body, im just afraid of spending all this money for it and not fit my truck....... So the million dollar question is, do u guys think it will fit with minor mods.??? And if it will what kind of mods??? I know the specs on the slash and slayer pro... I know the slayer pro has a longer wheelbase, but thats ok, cause i have seen alot of slash bodys on slayers, that with the propper trimming will work perfect. What concerns me is the rear post, the dakar sits higher, will the post reach the holes???? Please help. Another thing.... Man that dakar body is pricey $70+, anybody seen it cheaper????