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    Some Questions About Lipo In E Revo VXL

    So I am going to purchase some lipo batteries for my mini e revo vxl. I have some questions before I buy the batteries.
    First Question: Will I need to put the gear that they included onto my vxl motor to run the lipo?
    Second Question: Will the extra gear work fine with my stock 1200 mah battery?
    Third Question: Which traxxas lipo battery do you like the most, and why so?
    Fourth Question: How long is the run time with ONE lipo?
    Fifth Question: How long is the run time with two lips?

    Thank you for your input

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    1) depends on which cell count you are buying
    2) yes
    3) don't have any to comment on
    4) one 2S SPC 2500mAh has been reported to give 30 minutes
    5) about double that with one...
    and I am assuming you mean in parallel, since series takes a different ESC than stock.
    Whatever it is I just typed... could be wrong.

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    Similar thread in the 1/16 section.
    The Super Derecho

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