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Thread: Range Extending

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    Range Extending

    I want to buy an RC car with lots of range, i am talking 200m (behind house walls) so is there a way to extend the range by buying aftermarket transmitter and receiver and if yes would it be simple to do and work with traxxas? hopefully my requirements arent too crazy... yes i will be doing FPV.

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    Sounds cool. There was just a thread yesterday about Traxxas transmitter range. I believe 800 feet was the max someone got with theTqi Tx, but that might not be adequate for what you want to do.

    You will probably need a transmitter that takes 8 batteries instead of 4...My R/C planes all require 8x batts in the Tx and fly waaaayyyy farther than I can see. Probably a 1/2 mile or more. Just a grain of sand on the horizon.

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    Id love to extend the range of my summit.

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