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    Angry 2 issues with my SRT...

    Rustler VXL body which does not fit well because of the rear pin

    Rustler VXL slipper clutch, the SRT cover does not fit because of the size of the VXL

    here is the view of the back where the SRT pin does not fit after drilling the hole.

    So I solved the problem of the rear pin by using a wire and a thin piece of plastic as a softner
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    For the gear cover issue, the VXL gear cover bolts right up and clears the newer slipper. Only thing that needs attention it the upper mount. There is a small gap between the cover mounting hole and motor plate, so you'll either have to be careful not to overtighten the screw or find something to use as a spacer. A shock seal bushing would probably be close, but I just snugged mine instead of looking for a suitable spacer.

    Also, the VXL gear cover has that gaping hole in the front of it by the drive shaft. You'll probably be better off with an RPM gear cover because it doesn't have that hole in it. It was never a problem for me because I only raced mine on a well-groomed clay track, so there wasn't really any debris to worry about getting inside the gear cover. Only reason I even used the gear cover was due to track rules.

    As for the rear body mount, you just need to do some body pin customizing with a pair of pliers. I had a JConcepts SCT body that had a similar problem.

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    You know. For a truck that's almost 20 years old and having these" issues" with your truck isn't really a bad thing haha.
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