It all started back during Christmas Season in 2012. My mom wanted to know what I wanted for Christmas, and I told her I didn't really know; I didn't want anything specific. One day she said, "Well you have this $50 gift card to the hobby shop." So she took me to the hobby shop to take a look around.

We were looking and I was immediately drawn to the RC section. There were so many different cars and planes and everything else; I wanted one. But then I saw the price tags... $200, $300, $500, plus dollars just for an RC!!! I was in shock! I never realized how expensive they were or that this was actually cheap compared to some of the prices for other RCs out there. Previously, I had no experience with RCs, but now I would begin the journey of getting into RCs...

As my mom talked to the shop owner about which car would be the right choice, I looked at the different models. Most were all Traxxas models, and the owner suggested starting off small with the Rustler XL-5. Now I had no knowledge of anything RC at this point, or that the XL-5 was the very basic model, so we bought it.

My mom made me wait until Christmas to open it, so during the next week or so before Christmas, I spent a lot of time doing RC research and familiarizing myself with everything about RC. I learned pretty much the basic gist of what was going on and decided that I would indeed be going brushless in the future.

Christmas came and I drove the XL-5 for the very first time.

Wow! I had never driven such a fast car! Now I realize that going 20 mph on-road isn't exactly "fast" compared to RC standards... but still this was my first time and I was amazed!!!

So I drove a few times before the inevitable happened. Yes, the front castor block broke. This first breaking of a part started the upgrading journey:

I had done enough research to know that you can find many more parts for cheaper prices online rather than at the LHS, so I bought STRC aluminum castor blocks for the front of my Rusty off of Amazon.

After a few more weeks of driving, I hit the point of no return. I had decided to go brushless. Many hours of research led to the decision to get the Castle Creations Sidewinder 3 ESC (Remember, I am only 15 and any upgrades to this thing came out of MY pocket, not my parents) because it was affordable, performed well, and was waterproof. I also bought the Neu-Castle 1410 series 3800kv motor because it was only slightly more expensive than the motor that came in the ESC/Motor combo. Altogether, I paid $120 for the two off of eBay. I knew I wanted to make this Rustly for off-road use, because on-road can, well, get boring.

I had already installed bearings, so as soon as the ESC and motor arrived, I installed them and had my Dad do the soldering. When I tried it out the next day, I was in shock! It was amazing! So much faster than the XL-5. It was incredible!

The brushless system led to a number of broken parts, but now I have finished upgrading those parts and my Rusty is what you could call "stable". The other main upgrade I have done so far is Pro-Line Trenchers 2.8"

I would post pictures but I can't figure out how...

Here's a list of all the upgrades so far:
- STRC Aluminum (Blue) Castor Blocks
- RPM Camber Links
- Traxxas Ball Bearings 5x11x4mm (8)
- Castle Creations Sidewinder 3 ESC
- Castle Creations Neu-Castle 1410 Series 3800kv Motor
- Pro-Line Racing 2.8 Trencher Tires (4)
- Tenergy 11.1V 5000mAh 25C Li-Polymer Battery Pack
- Pro-Line Racing 2.8 Front and Rear Black Desperado Wheels
- STRC Aluminum (Blue) Bulkhead
- RPM Front Wide Bumper (Blue)
- RPM Rear Shock Tower
- RPM Front and Rear Bearing Carriers

Well that's it so far! My speeds are 32 off-road and 47 on-road. Thanks for listening!