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Thread: Whats it worth?

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    Whats it worth?

    Its about 2 years old and the white body is pretty beat up. It has proline big joe on tech 5 rims, rpm trutrac rear aarms, 2.4ghz 4channel with the ipod dock, progressive 2 rockers, blue dot springs, a new titan 775, power cell 4200 about 20 runs on them there still good and brand new powercell 5000. I can also include a mamba 2650 system and a hitec x2 ultima charger and a 12v 25amp power suppply. I also have a few misalaneus parts and all the stock stuff.
    What are those tracks in the snow from???

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    Pics would help 100%. Post em up and ill tell you
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    Post some pics and if the price is right will buy it. Need a new project truck !!
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