So I am new here and sorta new to RC. First a bit about myself. Im 18 my car is a 2012 mustang v6 my pride and joy that I am slowly modding. I cut about 20 lawns and work at the local super market. I want to become a funeral director when I am older.

Now onto the RC side. When I was about 10 or 11 I got a electric stampede. It was cool btu even back then I wanted nitro. Dad did not want to deal with it sooo the stampede kinda went to the way side. But now I suddenly wanted a rc again because of the snow and such. So I hit up craigslist and found a revo 3.3. After talking to the guy I got it for $160 and traded my bose sound dock that I have not used it months. It comes with a quick starter and battery (no charger). Two boxes of parts both stock and i think up graded. Got to sort through that! And the original reciever. Also, a roll cage. But I have to fab up a mount for the rear part of the cage. Oh and the body. I wouldnt say it is pristine but it is nice.
My goal for this revo is to have something I can take out and will start everytime but also a little fun cheaper side project to the car.
I am heading to the hobby stop in about 2.5 hours and picking up stuff. Some glow plugs, maybe half a gallon of fuel. A fuel bottle. After run oil. A battery charger (quick charger). Planning to hopefully get out of there for around $100 give or take.

Now for how it runs. I am in NJ and last night around 6 or so I was screwing with it. maybe 35* out. Started stall started stall. Started no power. Warmed up a minute or two and it was going pretty well in what seems to be first gear. But as it reaches upper RPMs it stalls out. Idk if it is cold or running lean. As long as the guy is reasonable I will have him tune it (how long does it take a pro?). Then from there I will learn how to do it.

Opinions? Thanks all!