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    Steel Constant Velocity shafts

    Does anybody have any experience with these Traxxas constant velocity shafts part #6852R On their cars I'm thinking about runing these or a set of MIP's
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    I'm running the Traxxas CVD's on my Rally. So far I have about a dozen packs through them and they've held up really well. My power plant is a CC MMP & 2400kv 4-pole combo. Some of the Slash 4x4 guys havent had such good luck with them. Humaray is running a hybrid set from the X-01 and these if I remember correctly.

    I also run Tekno and MIP's on my other 4x4's and they are excellent to.
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    I run the xo1 set (out to the wheels whither the 17mm hubs and knuckles/carriers. Humaray runs Tekno bone/cup on diff amnesty xol axles and hubs with xo1 knuckle/carriers with the extended protrac arms. I also run that combo on my sl4sh with rce extended arms, awesome mix!
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