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    Question Thinking about taking the jump... Ford Mustang 302

    Hey there guys,

    I am a novice to the world of hobby grade RC Cars. My past experience has been from modifying a Redcat Racing Lighting to run on Hydrogen Fuel for the Intel Science Fair, and because I entered it, it need to stay in showroom condition, and I am a bit afraid of damaging it. So I got bit by the RC bug, and I need a car. I figured that the Ford Mustang 302 would be a good option because from what I can tell it was originally a Rally car so it can be modifed for Off Roading, it is waterproof (drifting in the rain), and has a good amount of power. Now my questions: Where can I get the off road tires, what batteries and connectors do I need to get more runtime, what battery comes stock, and what do I need to charge them. Finally how much will it cost.


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    Quote Originally Posted by macfan74318 View Post
    I got bit by the RC bug, and I need a car
    You "NEED" a car? This man's priorities are clearly in order!

    Welcome to the forums.

    Are you set on the Mustang 302? I don't know the first thing about it, and it doesn't seem very popular. That doesn't mean it's a bad thinking is just to buy a model that's really common and you'll get a ton of feedback when you have questions or problems (like the 1/10 Slash or 1/16 REVO).

    I strongly suggest getting something brushless up-front, provided that you can afford it. You won't be disappointed in a Traxxas rig either way. But brushless is way more fun out of the box...

    Just my $.02!
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    I like driving on the road more than I like driving off road, I have very little knowledge when it come to RC Cars, but from what I saw on the image section of the forum that they had a version covered in dirt and it looks like a good car. I figured it would be a good car in most conditions. Also aren't the REVO and the Boss 302 similar?

    Let me know,

    Just to clarify I meant the VXL edition.
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    Welcome MacFan. That is awesome. You know alot of science folk, and military who try RCs, go for the Stampede 2wd. My suggestion, you do the same. This is coming from a Rally, and Stampede Owner. Off-road vehicles are the way to go... U really dont want to limit your first RC experience with on-road only..

    That being said.... Just cuz a RC is "off-road" doesnt mean that what it can only do... My main off-road Stampede 2wd spends most of its time on-road flying down the street at up to 50 mph.. Its a screamer. BUT, if I want to take it offroading I can. Its not so much about the dirt tracks and stuff, as much as it getting over obstacles in the road like speed bumps, curbs, things of that nature. Thats the whole thing about on-road vs off-road. With On-road Rcs, its really limiting.... With offroad, you can go off jumps, Go over curbs, Bumps in the roads, and all kinds of goodies. Not to mention, you wont be able to jump your boss 302... At least i HIGHLY would not recommend it... Oh, and the trucks still can rain drift one can get Street tires, for your stampede 2wd, and a brushless system, the right pavement and boom... Drifting all over the place.

    So that is the biggest thing. For your first RC, Either go with a Mini-Revo, or a Stampede 2wd, 4wd, or Slash 4x4.

    Btw.. Your into science and all.... Im just letting you know. Ur doomed! Get ready to start what you have been looking for your whole life! RC is a way of life. Its truely the most fantastic hobby I can think of, and I will be doing this my entire life. Not just going and driving. But Building, and the community are my favorite part about the hobby....

    One day I blew off the dust on a old truck I had that I had not touched in 10 years.. I was amazed the hobby store still sold not only parts for it, but also had new models of a new 20 year old truck (stampede) now 2 years after that, and I have 5 heavily modifed RCs, and building a 6th ( my boss 302) and a big old workspace to work on em....One of my favorite places in the world

    So my recommendation, Definatly go with an off-roading model for your first RC. Its gonna give your all you need. Also, I suggest a Traxxas 2wd model,as its a great introduction into it for you.. one that would be awesome for you also would be a Rustler VXL> it is "on road" but also an Off-roader since it is a stadium truck.
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