Hey guys, i have a Robert Hight funny car and I love it. Im in Sheboygan Falls, WI. Right now we are in winter and a new hobby store opened up in New Holstein that runs indoor dirt off road tracks for slashes and stuff. Hes a traxxas dealer too. Anyways I talked to him and he is very interested in trying to build a drag strip outdoors come spring. With the drag racing crowd we have in WI i believe this could be huge for him because there arent any RC drag strips in WI and the common complaint i hear from people is that the cars are cool but there is no where to run them. So I was wondering does anyone run at a RC drag strip? What material is the strip made of? Length of the strip? Concrete? Blacktop? or what seems to be the best material to use? I ran my car at the local High School running track. They use a material on that track and that car hooked and ran straighter then i ever ran before. I know that a 1/4 mile in quarter scale is 330ft so is 1/8 scale 165ft? or do i have that wrong? so i would love to hear any input or pictures of hobby store RC strips!! thanks guys