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    LD relationships.

    I would like a little advice on how to make them "easier" because I never thought they could be this hard.
    I'm 16. Now before you judge me on being a teenager and and how I am to young to have a girlfriend and that teen relationships don't work at least hear me out then feel free too judge.
    In September of 2011 I became friends with a girl in my class, we talked a bit the year before but not much. Well we became quite good friends over the next few months did a few school projects together texted lots and for me this was my first female friend in a long time I am that shy kid who doesn't talk to anyone. In November I started to like her and we would flirt and stuff. By December I asked her out.. She said yes. She is my first girlfriend so we took things slow we never held hands much or anything I was so nervous lol but I got over it within a few weeks for the next few months we started to get really close we told eachother pretty much everything she became my best friend just as much as my girlfriend. For the first time in my life I could be myself around someone. And same for her. By April we were doing good a happy couple. Then one day she seemed sad but I didn't say anything but it continued for a few days then I asked her. She was reluctant to tell me at first but she told me that she was going to be moving at the end of the month. It was quite a shock to me but we both agreed we were going to give this long distance thing a shot she was moving a little over an hour and a half away. We were supposed to be able to see eachother one every three weeks can't be that bad right? Well the first weeks started ok but then the fights and arguments started we both realized it so we had to get some ground rules before it got out of hand we promised to tell each other everything, and talk as much as possible or texting lots and skypeing everyday if possible, so we knew how and what was happening with eachothers lives it was working fairly well. June rolls around and we have been seeing each the every 3 weeks or so. It was hard but not terrible. Summertime comes we go camping and we end up camping 5 mins away from eachother we would hang out together we had our families over they shared a few "pops" it was quite nice.
    She ends up working there for the summer and we end up in a huge fight, it's a bit to personal to share what happened but It wasn't easy on me. After a few days things were getting better I went home but because she was working she stayed at the campground which was just under an hour away from my house so I would go up on afternoons every week or two she came to my place for weekends. In August she came camping with me for a week we had my whole family there she met all of them they loved her and she loved them. It was great. But then school started again and instead of three weeks it was 5 and 6 weeks which was super hard then to top it all off I got a acute severe liver problem in Mid november long story short I was in the hospital for 5 days, wasn't aloud to do anything couldn't see my girl till just before Christmas but I was still limited we couldn't go out for a movie or supper date but I still got to see her. Even through all this she hadn't left my side. I got flowers sent to her on our 1 year etc even as I was getting better It was 4 and 5 weeks without seeing her. And it was so hard. Can't put it into words. I just seen her this past weekend. We are still together through all this and I love her very much an she loves me. We have been through tons together and we haven't given up and won't but I would like some advice from everyone I can on making it easier on us would be greatly appreciated.
    And if anything else you want to know just ask!

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