I just got my Nitro Slash, I've had it for about 2 weeks now. Breaking in the engine went smooth. After break in I made some adjustments to the suspension, put in the new glow plug in, and cleaned the air filter. The truck has been so much fun I am no pro at driving it but in handles very well. Its extremely fast! I have a track where I work, its half dirt half asphalt and has had some very impressive run times.

Some complaints I have.... On the 6th tank of break in you are supposed to run the truck full throttle and keep it their for 2 second. Well I did that and the and the whole truck caught some air and did a backflip and skidded on its brand new shell for about 15 yards....

Second the tires have already come detached from the wheels..... I don't think this is normal, but then again im no pro..

Overall I am enjoying my truck I can not wait to take it to the track this upcoming weekend. More Pictures to come.

One big pro!!! It is the easiest nitro truck I have had to clean!!!!! And I'm a clean freak so I love this.