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    Costumer Service

    just got my new Slayer Pro yesterday. broke it in this morning... started to rip it around and lost signal from only about 16 feet away... called traxxas support and told them that the top part of the antenna at the end is missing... the guy told me he would send me out a new receiver but it would take a week, not a problem since i dont have to pay anything for it and i dont have to worry about sending the broken one back to them. top notch in my book, the problem was fixed in a matter of minutes... now the waiting game begins

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    Glad to hear Traxxas gave you good CS. Not surprised.

    Quote Originally Posted by eck172 View Post
    lost signal from only about 16 feet away
    Just run alongside it with your transmitter!
    Make it idiot-proof and along comes a better idiot

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    I have never dealt with them as living in Australia I just bite the bullet when something goes wrong. From what I have read on these forums that their customer service is top class.
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