Today I snagged (basically stole) a 1/16 KB Rally/Revo conversion(with both bodies and all the stuff to switch it back to a KB).
I gave $150 for everything.

Also snagged a mint replacement KB body (and a bunch of extra/upgrade parts)for considerably less than retail from a HS that's closing.

So far last night I got everything switched back to "KB mode"...
While changing everything back I installed a billet steering rack,billet shock towers,and billet front rockers(they didn't have the rears in stock).
I still have to do some adjusting on the suspension to get everything aligned right.
I also have some noise in one or both of the diffs.I'll tear into that issue this weekend.
The steering servo has been replaced with a hitec...but its working reversed.Can this be changed in the remote settings?