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    * AbSoLooT's Boss Build !! *

    What’s up all!?!
    Some of ya guys have seen this one coming and remember it, But here is my first take on 1/16 Scale. if you I've been needing to complete this build for some time now, and I finally buckled down and started working, after I have been sitting on the complete parts (upgrades included) For some months now, while I did other builds.

    Interesting thing, I had this all together. I did my x ladies truck, than finished my 100mph Rustler, than did my Winter Truck, now I finally have strapped down, and started putting this together. Sometimes I remind myself just how much I really enjoy this. I "put it off" for a while, than when I get started I cannot get enough. Now for example. I am at work, but really dreaming I was home wrenching
    So here it what I started with..................

    Note: For a link to the thread that got it started: here!

    I picked it up from my local classifieds for 125. Not an amazing deal by any means, but a "good" deal. In parts I put more than the initial cost back into it. Easily. Just in electronics it was anouther 120ish. The Sidewinder ESC I already had, (although I factured in the cost) and the VXL 380, I picked up at my LHS. Big mistake btw.. Its like 67 retail, on ebay it was less than half that, brand new.. oops. than , plus all the upgrades, and parts, etc.... Cost, Smost..

    Someone had an impact on the front end, and it had broken the front bulkhead. It was also very much neglected, even missing a screw or two.

    Here is the shell it came with. Its in perfect condition, except for the "paint" job.

    So of course first step was tare down...

    The main parts… Electronics & Body.

    Some of the upgrade goodies…

    New bearings from Fast Eddy Bearings. Got some replacements, for the wheels. Ones that were in worst shape, and replaced the plastic bushings with, bearings also… I like to do it right the first time..

    T-bone Goodies…

    GPM Links, Hot Racing One way center Diff.

    More Hot Racing Goodies…

    And although I didn’t take the pic very well, I have a bin with 3 different sets of both wheels and tires.

    The Tare down began…. I didn’t take great picture of doing so. But what I first did was take the whole thing apart, the screws and their dirt and rust went into soak into WD-40. Great for cleaning hardware, and coating it for future rust prevention.
    Also, down to the Diffs… I too had to take them apart, get the old nasty grease off… And also soaked them in WD-40. The Plastic parts, that I did not dye, I soaked in Simple Green.

    The after results, super clean….

    As for the chassis, and plastic parts. I ended up dyeing two chassis, and ALL the plastic parts, so they restore. For those who’s plastic parts are all “greyish” and old looking, This is one way to restore them. Clean them well, and re-dye them black. Works very well, and gives new life to parts.

    Than the painful process. .. The bearings. These were a disaster!!! Dirty, inside and out. You could here the little particles, when spinning them. Although I did not picture this also, SAME process for these. First I soak in WD-40 to get most of the gunk off of them….

    After soaking, have to painfully get the shields off each one, I only ruined one shield while doing so  But then it one has to spray it off with Electronic cleaner, and re-oil of course.. Than cleaning the shields inside and out individually… eekk..

    But the after results are very worth it… Very clean… ! 

    After wards, it was time to remove the anodization of the front and rear plate. I did this to the big block motor mount also, even though I was switching it out with an STRC one.

    Btw.. Check that out… I use q-tips on my dremel!  Cut them in half, and then slide em in. works awesome… btw. If you do this. U HAVE to use the generic ones. The name brand q-tips fall apart WAY to easy, there too soft.

    The after results.. Much better 

    Than it was time to build and shimmy up the diffs. I actually did not know about this, but I ended up catching it before I attached the diffs,

    Than with the transmission, and diffs put together.

    Than shocks… These were a pain. To take these apart, and clean them up…. I rinsed stock Traxxas shock oil through them each about 5 times, till they were all clean. Once done, I filled them up with T.A. 70wt Shock oil.

    After Diffs got installed on Chassis.

    Side note, After installing the battery doors, and vents and all, I found these and forgot I had them. After opening the bags, and inspecting what was there, the already existing ones were in perfect condition. No need to install others, Mine actually looked better since I cleaned up the plastic danglers.

    Side note…Check out the number of knuckles I got.. lol


    Final… The final decision. Fortunately I was able to return em each time, well first two times to LHS, than get something else, and order the HR ones. I love those little disk brakes.

    Also, I was asked by someone how do I know where all the screws go? Mostly I think it was the order of building it. I know Traxxas 2wd to the last screw and where they belong. But these, I do not know. I used very useful videos of a friend, and fellow YouTube user DarkEclipticheart. They were a Merv build, a do great to see first quickly the order the parts went together. As for which screw belongs where, etc.. I used this… Blown up Exploded views of course. I print out the ones I have in life, and keep em in this binder. Worded great.

    Going back, installed ball bearings on steering. And a Hi-Tech 85mg. It was a pain to get it in, because the way the servo wire comes out. But it’s in and looking good with its metal gear. Still have to complete its little custom Servo Horn.

    And then the Rockers…. New ball bearings. And new bolts to complete the new look…

    And finally where I am now. Once I stared this build, I haven’t really stopped. Funny because before this I did have some spare time, but never really started. Now… All the spare time goes towards it until its done. Even wish I was not working “at the moment” and working on it. If only that was my real job

    I’m busting this one out, and I have everything I need. Il be finishing it extremely quickly. Except for the body, because I always stall for days on paint jobs, I still have 8 bodies to do. But I do have the Camaro ready to go, and some police lights that may go on the Camaro. Defiantly will see what kind of decals I can get to go with it if I do a police theme.

    Check back in soon !
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    Build, Bash, Clean, Repair, Repeat..

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