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Thread: dr-1 problems

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    dr-1 problems

    hey guys first off what voltage dose the lvc leave the battery at
    my heli cuts out at a rest voltage of 3.97-3.93 volts is this proper?

    and i had just replaced the fly bar now my problem is the grub screws that hold the (i guess the spur gear)
    main gear on.. and now they keep backing out top and bottum(i only touched the lower )

    then complaite/problem three
    how do you stop the dr1 from rotating/drifting i tried adjusting the setting but to no avail

    thanks guys
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    I don't know what the cut off is but it should closer to 3.20, Try some loctite on the screws. You should be able to stop it from spinning with trim,if it doesn't work I don't know what's wrong.

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    1. Cut off may be 3.2, but the voltage changes under load. At rest it may be higher, under load it may have dipped to the cut off. Are the flight times short?

    2. Are you sure the brass bushings made it back in? There are two one on top and one at the bottom, they are ridiculously small. That's the only reason I could see the top spur loosening because of vibration. The bottom/inner shaft has two flats on it for the screws to key onto, 90 degrees from the blade pivots, also ridiculously small. You also have to have a small amount of vertical play on the inner shaft to prevent binding.

    3. One of the features that many people have overlooked is the DR1s ability to reset the gyro without a full power down.
    If the heli is rotating on its own all you have to do is land and throttle down for around 3 seconds.
    I would not adjust the trim of the tail as you'll just end up chasing it every time you go to fly it.
    If you've returned the tail trim to zero and it is still rotating I would check shaft play and gear mesh for binding.

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