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    Traxxas nitro stampde

    Now i have my 2.5r entine but what upgrades i can do about shock and aluminum parts.

    Sorry about bad english i am forma Perú

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    rpm rear shock tower, rpm front shock tower, add a little weight up front like get a rx wiring harness up front and use either a duratrax flat pack or traxxas flat pack strap it up to the front tower with 2 zip ties this adds a little weight which is needed with a 2.5R. better air flow filter, i'd say the one from the Revo would work good allows more air flow to the engine which in turn would give you a little better performance, rpm a arms, better rear axles i used slash or electric vxl axles hold up better than the stock nitro's, better bearings in the carriers say like ceramics perhaps allows better flowing of resistance. i changed the front end to electric the carriers, hubs, axles to be able to rotate the tires around. I posted pics up of some of my upgrades i have done and many others in the gallery here for the nitro pede check them out to get an idea.

    ooh yeah dont forget a wheelie bar i used the nitro jato and i have pics how i installed it, it worked great.
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